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Our Lab Equipment

Equipment for Sampling

Retort, Cyco Services


This equipment is comprised of a two-chamber oven allow to handle up to 20 samples of 100 grams or 20 samples of 10 grams (for determination of fluid saturations of wall samples). 

End Facer Grinder.PNG

End Facer Ginder

The End Face Grinder (PCT-100) allows polishing the surfaces of each core plug sample with an accuracy of 0.01 mm to rectify those plugs after Trimming process with imperfections.
This unit allows to totally parallel faces of the caps with an accuracy of about 0.01 mm, generating perfect cylinders for determining the volume of each plug with high precision


Core Slabbing Machine

The core saw is a powerful tool in the process of analyzing samples, after a cut it leaves an excellent surface to make detailed description s and take photographs. It’s powerful engine of 7.5 HP and one diamond blade of easy change.

Automated Drill Press

Automated Drill Press

Automatic drill to take rock samples of up to Ø 2 ½" and 5”of length. Its 12 speeds (RPM) allow the user to graduate, according to the lithology, the 
most appropriate speed to take samples. 

Equipment for Cleaning and Extraction

Clean Extra


Is an analytical laboratory Equipment, used to measure the fluid saturation of rock samples. 
Through solvents, the water and oil that saturate the sample are extracted and distilled; the product of the distillation is condensed over a calibrated trap which by decantation separates water from the solvent and allows quantification.



With the RECIRCULATION AND COOLING SYSTEM team you can produce cold water for industrial cooling processes by removing the heat generated in an industrial process by contact with water at a lower temperature at which the process must eventually be. The equipment consists of a cabinet made of thick gauge galvanized steel, supported on structural sections of the same material and mounted on skatewheel for easy movement.

FTCC - Flow Through Core Cleaner


With C&CO SERVICES S.A.S FLOW THROUGH CORE CLEANER you could implement a fast and efficient cleaning system for cores and rock samples, based on controlled sequential solvent displacement under established pressures and temperatures. The extraction of hydrocarbons and salts from reservoirs rocks is achieved by injecting one or more solvents into the core sample under pressure and moderate temperature.

Basic Analy

Laboratory Equipment for Rountine Core Analysis

Digital Probe Permeameter

Digital Probe Permeameter

The digital probe permeameter is a portable and versatile laboratory instrument to be used in fields and labs. The main advantage of the permeameter is its proven ability to realize specific, quick and non-destructive measurements of gas permeability from a great variety of core surfaces (slabbed and whole cores, plugs, fragments, etc .).

Digital Helium Porosimeter

Digital Helium Porosimeter

Analytical degree laboratory equipment, used to measure the Grain Volume and Pore Volume in rock samples.  With the data measured by the equipment, plus the weight and bulk volume of the sample, the porosity and grain density of rocks is calculated. Its measurement principle is based on Boyle's Law for gases at constant 

Hidrostatic Core Holder

Hidrostatic Core Holder

The C&CO Services Core Holders are the best choice of your laboratory. Their excellent design and performance make of the Core Holders the ultimate tools for porosity and permeability analysis. The C&CO Services Core Holders can be used horizontally or vertically according to your preference and can be mounted on stainless support or an aluminum socket.

Special Analys

Laboratory Equipment for Special Core Analysis

High Pressure Mercury Pump

High Pressure Mercury Pump

The High Pressure Mercury Pump is designed to measure the volumen of irregular and regular rock samples and to determine the gas volumen by mercury injection in the porous space.
It is manufactured in stainless steel 316, bakelite base, using metal-metal seals to reduce the possibility of leakage while working at high pressures. It has a digital display with two gauges, one for pressure and other to quantify the displacement in a linear scale, in order to ensure more reliable and repeatable readings.

IBV - Immersion Bulk Volume

Immersed Bulk Volume

The technique for measuring the total volume of a sample is based on Archimedes' principle, in which the sample is immersed in a mercury bath, and the weight increase is observed in the bath. The bulk volume is calculated from the increase in weight divided by the mercury’s density at the bath temperature. The sample 
should not touch the container in which it is submerged and must be only a few millimeters below the surface and therefore not enter the porous space. Mercury is used because it does not wet the sample therefore does 
not enter the pore space.

Ambiental Electrical Properties System


Is a system that allows measuring multiple electrical properties of core plug samples. Properties Measurements like the Formation Factor and Resistivity Index at ambient conditions. 

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